East Dereham Coat of Arms

Zeppelin Raid on East Dereham
8 September 1915

".....shortly before 9 last evening, a German Zeppelin raided the town and caused widespread destruction and death. According to eye witnesses the Zepp was first seen coming from the direction of Scarning and soon made it's presence felt by dropping both incendiary and explosive bombs into the town and surrounding fields. ..."

Killed and died of wounds

James Taylor,earthenware, china and general dealer, 27 High St, aged 61.

Janes Taylor headstone

Harry Patterson, watchmaker and jeweller, High St, aged 44.

Harry Patterson

Lance Corporal Pomeroy, AF, 2/1st City of London Yeomanry

Lance Corporal Pomeroy, headstone

Private McDonald, HG, 2/1st City of London Yeomanry SDGW gives date of death as 11 September 1915

Private Parkinson, HG, 2/1st City of London Yeomanry

Full Story
Davy, T (1990) Dereham in the Great War, Dereham, Nostalgia Publications

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